Well it's safe to stay i am nearly done with midnight dance and have started 2 flash movies and a new soundtrack. But i will probably be only working on the flashes because im going to sweden for 3-4 weeks and i promise to have something to post on newgrounds in the end.


Almost a Junior!

2012-05-19 16:09:10 by kevincracker777

Finally 3 more days of school which include finals of course then ill have 2-3 months of relaxation. And of course more music and flash. I know i havent put any of my flashes up but i am going to make a flash video selection where it shows all my school projects. Including the major ones. Plus I'm releasing a New Wip soundtrack today at somepoint. All is looking good after finals and school have concluded.


Busy Week

2012-05-07 16:05:14 by kevincracker777

So i won't be posting and new stuff this week, it is because i have only this week to complete a website project for school so i can not work on any of my flashes or music. If you guys know of any free website hosting websites, tell me and ill gladly host project on there.